A little mortar for rebuilding


It is almost Spring, and it is time for charoset! While I am not Jewish, I sometimes try to be, and most importantly, my own personal religion commands that the tulips will not rise from the ground unless I have eaten some wine-soaked fruit mush on a matzoh cracker before my birthday. And so I try to follow directions.

This year’s version stayed simple (although I wish I had invested in some raisins!) but it was finished by the addition of one lemon’s juice – amazing what this little zinger does for flavor in all dishes. As some of you may know, I am currently avoiding yeast-fermented alcoholic beverages – including wine – because they give me headaches. However, I have decided that in this case, a little charoset changover is worth it – goddamn it, I need those tulips to bloom!

As I have done before, I herewith send my shameless plea to be invited to a Seder. I’ll be in Portland for Passover this year. …And home to Seattle for Easter with my growing fam!

Sending love and the smell of things growing…maybe cleaning out, rebuilding…to all.




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2 responses to “A little mortar for rebuilding

  1. tinkyweisblat

    If I were around and having a seder, you’d have an invitation! And if you want to eat more and are still avoiding the fermentation. Try juice. MUCH tastier, and still mortary. http://www.ourgrandmotherskitchens.com/?p=2547
    Next year in Hawley….

  2. apogiatura

    lovely to hear from you

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