Fish Still Need Love





Remember GE Salmon? Thought maybe that idea went away? Unfortunately not. But thankfully, it has been temporarily fended off by Food & Water Watch and other concerned groups. Genetically Engineered animals have no place in our ecosystems or our digestive systems! Take 15 seconds to send an email to your senators urging them to support Alaska senator Begich’s bill to ban GE Salmon:

This Takes 15 Seconds

Still not fired up about GE-foods? Remember that food makes the world go around. The only reason why some may say money makes the world go around is because money buys food. And we eat three times a day. You are what you eat. Food is life, health, sustainability, and power. Use some of that power!

STILL not fired up about GE-foods? Listen to Vandana Shiva lay it down.

And thank you.






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One response to “Fish Still Need Love

  1. Cara Hochhalter

    Thanks, Alysa, for sharing this concern…and for making it so easy to respond! Peace and love….

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