I woke up to read a Seattle Times food article and managed to work up the nerve to comment. Since I’m sure no one will ever read my comment, I wanted to share it with you all.

Yes, I get that I may be a tree-hugging freak, but that doesn’t stop me from being right. Stop giving yourself excuses. Be forward-thinking already!

My comment as posted:

“I agree with Atkinson that a mix of some local, some imported is a perfect place to start and makes for a nice dish to enjoy. However, Budiansky’s opinion is snobbish in itself, assuming that good food necessarily includes the global variation we have grown used to in the past sixty years. Yes, it may be lovely to eat diets with a smattering of international products, but human cultures of great merit have existed on local foods for thousands of years without a dull moment on their palates. I challenge American society to finally discover a food culture of its own and take a look at what’s in our own pantry.”

Thoughts, comments?? (This is the part where you tell me I’m wrong. Really.)



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3 responses to “Irked

  1. But you’re not wrong! Of course, I still eat a lot of foreign food. But you’re still right.

  2. You’re right that Americans need to rediscover what local diets are all about. And while you may not have the variety of ingredients, creatively using local ingredients can get you much more variety. Of course that would require people learn to cook again, which has been in serious decline over the last 50 years.

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