Local Goods

Out here on the range, I have finally connected with some local farmers and gotten myself some exciting edibles. First came the old fashioned home-made breads from a local family (the two teenage children sell the round loaves at the schools in town). They make a whole wheat, a sourdough, and a rosemary, and all perfect simple bread you can taste. Second came the eggs, multi-colored and multi-sized. I found these while following my nose to grass-fed beef. But again, trying to fit a quarter of a cow in my freezer is an impossibility at this point. I asked about eggs, and sure enough, I got some. Met the mother of two after their church-going on Sunday and walked away with a pretty little bundle of farm fresh eggs with the tell-tale dark orange yolks of happy, healthy hens.

Finding myself with two loaves of bread and two dozen eggs (I had just bought some from the store), I started by making a lot of eggs and toast, but then thought better and got creative. Planning some sourdough french toast this weekend, and got inspired by the cold weather (and my friend Julie) to make avgolemono soup. I managed not to curdle the eggs, and thanks to the strong yolks, it came out a deep yellow. Not having had avgolemono for awhile, it’s strong lemony flavor got me thinking about the rare combination of ingredients and why some Greek grandmother a long, long time ago decided to make a soup with rice, lemon, and eggs (not to mention, figured out how not to curdle them, as well!). If there are any theories out there, please tell me. I found nothing on the Holy Internet explaining. I am specifically wondering if there is a health benefit from this particular combination, as analyzing foods this way is my recent obsession.




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2 responses to “Local Goods

  1. This is one of my favorite soups in the world, and I would be thrilled if you would share the recipe with me (please, please)! Congratulations on finding such wonderful local goodies.

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